wow, Kara!!!!

And this week closed another season of one of my favorite cable-TV series, Supergirl. Dramatic finale, invasion of the daxamites, with the right to a furious fight between Kara-Zor-El and Kal-El, the guy of the Daily Planet who takes off his glasses and shows himself the Man of Steel. Lena Luthor, the mother of the bad bald one, had a bright idea of ​​exploiting the daxamites' weakness to lead, to get the aliens to run and win the battle. Okay, but it was not just a blaze and shot the guys, in the style of the police on our planet. It was, thanks to an invention of bald and egotistical Lex Luthor (and who else ??), that was sprayed throughout the atmosphere the said metal. 

Break. Lead is not only toxic to daxamites. It is toxic to them and all Corinthians fans, Flamengo, Grêmio, Barcelona, ​​Bayern München, Roma ... If the guys are more sensitive, it should be for lack of expression of metallothioneins that play the role of chelating these ions (one time cell biologist, always cellular biologist), I try to explain the phenomenon in the light of what science knows.

Wow, Kara, you're a cool, politically correct character, you've sent the Trump away in that march ... and you're making me a mistake like that? Common, spraying lead, even on nanodoses, is toxic to people and every living being on that planet that you S-kryptonians in the chest have adopted .. the editors might have thought before putting that egg through the Warner Channel. On the other hand, it has the face of "final solution", in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki style. Detonates everything and establishes peace ... I do not wonder, in this light, the solution pointed out, moreover, by Luthor's mother.

Well, we are waiting for the next season, and an epidemic of saturnism in the version of the Earth where Kara-Zor-El lives and the other characters in the supers...


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